TV Tray Collaboration

First Live Interview W/Brenda Schweder Jewelry :)

There are ways that Brenda and I are similar in our work and ways that we are not. The piece I made for the TV Tray Collaboration was a bit of both of us. I tried to channel Brenda’s boldness and freedom and spirit to make something big
using my style of little “bits” and a story.
After watching the interview I felt like I wanted to fill in some blanks. When it comes to connecting “bits”, I do whatever works! Sewing, riveting, gluing, soldering…whatever is called for in the moment. Learning to solder came later in my life when I realized glue doesn’t really work with metals!
Susan LeGuyder and Brenda, I actually started in fibers, making little bags to wear around like a necklace. My sewing machine is over 30 years old. I also love to sew by hand.
Lots of research and learning goes into my making. If a story needs to be told and I need to learn how to paint, I learn some painting basics. If that Quartz Crystal is calling to be part of a specific piece then I need to know what that stone means and how it fits the story I’m telling.
And if someone asks me what planets in Retrograde means, I best find out because I want to know why it affects me the way it does. What is a retrograde? By definition, a planet is retrograde when it is moving backward in the sky. However, in astrology, the significance of a retrograde is much deep and
complex than just an apparent motion. On average, we experience at least one planet in retrograde about 80% of the time, and understanding each retrograde's true meaning, dates, and effects can prove to be a powerful tool. (
Retrograde motion is an APPARENT change in the movement of the planet through the sky. It is not REAL in that the planet does not physically start moving backwards in its orbit. It just appears to do so because of the relative positions of the planet and Earth and how they are moving around the Sun. (

Moving into the beautiful wonderland of a 10’ x 10’ shed last summer led to a lot of downsizing and changed my medium for a time. My focus moved into soldering because there was no way I could fit all my “stuff” in the shed but there was room to solder. I will be releasing those items as soon as the Goddesses are ready…necklaces and earrings, not the other kind…

Brenda asked me if the shape of the TV Tray piece was deliberate. It was only
deliberate in that it needed to achieve some type of pleasing, visual balance when it was complete which meant adding and subtracting or reshaping some of the “bits”.

So, the “bits”. Thank you, Kati Commons, for the earring that was used to represent Traffic’s Album, The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys and also to my Auntie Dee for the ceramic body pieces (that are currently hidden from me because I put them in a super-special place so I can’t take photo of them.) that
represent the Blink 182 Album, Enema of the State. The birds and rulers are just part of my “thing”. (My niece, Avery, says everybody has a thing.) Birds offer their freedom and flight and song among other things. Rulers…colorful, numbers and words that can create a meaning. Deconstructing the rulers can equate to breaking rules that no longer serve you. You can cut any shape you want from the
rulers…houses, hearts to exemplify the way you wish to live.

Bev C. King, Another reason I like to use a sketchbook is to give room for an idea to grow. The sketch might start out as one idea and morph into a collection. I have
recently learned to put a date on my sketches. I will often use the top of my desk to sketch an impromptu idea so i don’t lose the train of thought.
and sometimes a little eye-candy for fun!

Thank you, Brenda and for all who watched. And for not commenting on that little
random ponytail that was sticking out of my head!

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