Marianne, Spirit of the Revolution


Marianne entered my life while traveling in Europe in the ’80’s.  Old letters and postcards from that time were sent home with stamps that featured the face of Catherine Deneuve as Marianne, the spirit of the revolution.  Little did I know that she would become my muse many years later when I needed my own revolution.


The power of a female icon known as the Goddess of Liberty dates back to 1775.  A feminine allegory was a manner to symbolize the breaking with the male dominated monarchy.  She expresses her motto with the words liberty, equality and fraternity.


Marianne slowly and quietly made her way into my artwork as a symbol of female rights and powers and freedom.  Just as quietly she snuck into my mind and slowly revealed the degree of abuse I was experiencing.  Just as quietly and slowly, we grew our own liberty, equality and life without abuse.


Marianne was my ride to freedom and there were many who helped along the way.  So very grateful for them.


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