FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Earrings whisper their secrets into your ears.  They whisper their ancient knowings of living life, wrong turns made right, balance and beauty.

Patinated?  A thin surface layer that develops on something because of use, age, or chemical action (Cambridge dictionary). Ie:  Liver of Sulfur, Heat/Fire, Markers, Alcohol Inks, Paint

Scrappy Treasures are created from metal “bits” lying on my bench.  They represent taking the best “bits” of ourselves as we strive to become whole.

I am continually learning about a variety of things as I research the meanings of the “bits” I intuitively combine in jewelry to tell it’s story. 

Argtentium™ Silver?  It is a combination of Silver and the element Germanium.  Compared to Sterling Silver, it has a higher percentage of Silver and a lower percentage of copper (93.5% vs. 92.5%).  Invented by Master Silversmith, Peter Johns at Middlesex University, London (1990’s), Argentium™ benefits include tarnish resistance. 

Found object pieces are always a limited addition piece due to the availability of the object. 

Silly Billy’s Green Belt - This magic belt has saved two lives.  After it outlived it’s usefulness as a belt, Silly cut it into pieces to give to his friends as a talisman for protection.  Embedded in this piece are bits from the belt…a talisman offering you safety.

Ideology- A spin on the ID bracelets of the 60’s and 70’s…bracelets with a metal tag bearing the name of the person you were “going steady” with. Replacing the name tag (external Identity) is a quote that resonates with your beliefs (inner identity) and Ideology.