About Me

Storytelling and the power of positive thinking using jewelry.

I am a maker and storyteller.  My stories and messages are embodied in my mixed media jewelry.  While much of my training has been catch as you can, I have also had the privilege to learn from exceptional artists through classes and apprenticeships.

A persistent theme in my work is the power of self-belief and trusting intuitive knowledge and choices.  A talisman or amulet can offer a reminder and support as you build the courage to silence the old (negative) and make room for the new (positive) thoughts.

I can be found working in my Wisconsin studio with my dog nearby as I continue to learn and experiment with new techniques.  My daydreams are filled with living and creating in a warm climate.

My work can be found on sundog-jewelry.com and SundogJewelryArts on Etsy.