Finally a Name!

Anyone who knows me is breathing a sigh of relief that I have finally landed on a name and logo for the business.

I enjoy exploring words and fonts and logos and colors that so much sometimes I think I’m in the wrong creative field!

And then there is the vulnerability. Laying yourself all out there, being good enough. Which is pretty much what I already do with my jewelry…splay my heart open…just maybe not so obviously.

I would have liked to use my name or initials but my first name has an unusual spelling and everyone thinks my last name is Moreland not Moylan. Then top that off with my initials…BM…sigh.

So, I decided to write down my favorite things and the first two were sun and dogs. I combined it into one word then googled it to see if it was available (unlike millions that I had googled before). Not only was it available in the form, it is an actual thing!

Known formally as a Parhelion, a sundog is a rainbow abound the sun. It usually signals rain is on the way. And I love rainy, warm days in my studio…windows open and the Lovin’ Spoonful singing “you and me and rain on the roof. Caught up in a summer shower…”

I could draw logos for hours but this one came together in an instant. A quick sketch based on a photo of a sundog then help from #karmadesigns on fiverr to clean it up and make it computer ready.

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