Fire Rising Necklace
Fire Rising Necklace
Fire Rising Necklace

Fire Rising Necklace

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This Sonoran Dendritic stone brings thoughts of volcanic fire rising up to the sky.

Sonoran Dendritic offers clarity, calm and focus.  I sure needed that while playing with fire to create a the perfect Sterling Silver base for this beautiful stone.  

A Sky Blue Topaz in the lower left hand corner aligns with the throat chakra and can enhance your ability to communicate. 

Is there a fire somewhere inside you that needs to rise up and be heard?


Charm measures 2" in length and 1+" in width.  

Held in place with prongs, the Sonoran Dendritic is an irregularly shaped triangular stone with a curved bottom. Mostly a golden yellow color it also has bits of black, deep orange and sky blue.  It measures 1" in length and .75" in width.  

The round Lake Michigan beach stone at the top is 8mm and the Sky Blue faceted Topaz in the lower left hand corner is 3mm.  Both are set in Sterling Silver bezels.

The Sterling Silver oval 4.6mm twist chain is 24" in length and ends with a lobster clasp.  You can connect the clasp anywhere on the chain to shorten the length.

Both the Sterling Silver chain and textured base are oxidized.

A last minute addition is a deep gold/orange fancy jasper heart.  It marks the end of the chain and offers healing and gentle endings.  (Not pictured).