Mom's Jeans (KO)
Mom's Jeans (KO)
Mom's Jeans (KO)

Mom's Jeans (KO)

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Mom’s jeans…

A series inspired by mom’s favorite brand of jeans.  

After her passing I used her jeans to tenderly create keepsakes...something tangible that those of us who loved her could hold onto, touch, keep close.

Four years have passed and I can sometimes feel mom nudging me to create more of these from repurposed jeans (not hers).  Love, keys, heart-shaped beach stones and an occasional orphan earring.  Because mom was the key and it is all about the best love you have to give.

Charm: 2 3/4"long x 1" wide

Chain:  18" brass ball chain

Quartz Crystal offers the soul a chance to connect with the stars.