Voting is Key Earrings
Voting is Key Earrings

Voting is Key Earrings

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1920 and 1965...two hallmark years. Women got the right to vote (19th Amendment) in 1920 (what took so long?!).   In 1965 The Voting Rights Act was signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson and African Americans right to vote was guaranteed under the 15th Amendment and ALL women got the right to vote (again, what took so long?!).

Made with found object, repurposed wooden circles stamped with "VOTE".  The keys are also stamped with the dates 1965 and 1920.  I distressed the keys with fire and hammers.  This is symbolic of the fight we have gone through to be allowed to vote.

20 gauge Argentium™ Earwires.

Total Length:  3 3/4"

Charm Size:    2 1/2"  (2 1/4" diameter)

Due to the nature of found objects these earrings are part of a Limited Edition Series.